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The creation of the world Erolon was long in the making. In all the realms there once was a great deity of strength, honor, and trial. This god was Erolon. More then anything did Erolon want to make a realm of his own, to teach his ways of honor and to leave something of his own in the universe before his passing. Alas, Erolon was indeed powerful as a warrior but did not have the will to create of a realm. At last in Erolon’s troubles he was visited by the powerful enchantress of the chain “Homeira” who tricks the God into a deal. Homeira would grant Erolon realm as long as they both had 50% stake in everything of the realm, once Erolons half was used he could no longer shape the realm. Erolon foolishly agreed and the realm was created. Erolon made a world and filled it with many races such as Elf, Human, Dwarf, ... he made many animals and creatures as well. Erolon showed the people the ways of honor and society, they maded three grand leaderships on three parts of the single continent, all the time Homeira was nowhere to be seen. At last Erolon used the last of his 50% influence in the crafting of his perfect world. Then as the last of Erolon’s influence was spent Homeira appeared to place her works on the realm. For every good-hearted man and woman, there was now one with greed,hate, and lust. For every animal and creature there was now one that was evil and blood thirsty. For all peace and good health there was sickness and hate. At last Homeira struck the middle of landmass and brought up a grand mountain, and at its highest peek she crafted a golden ark for her half of the people souls to travel to her realm of fire and hate. She wanted to test the peoples belief in Erolon so she brought about a massive plague among the people, one of famine, sickness, and infestation. Homeira told all the land that the first of the three leaders to climb to the peek and walk under her ark would spare their people at the cost of the lives of all others.

For four years the three leaders watched their people die in hope that their God would return to save them. At last, when all hope faded the leader of the northern city climbed to the ark and walked under its golden gleam… with the flash of fire and hell he was thrown into Homeira’s realm. With this and Homeira’s promise almost for filled, Erolon drew on the power of the lost souls of his peoples death and struck Homeira into her own ark and sealed it shut for all times…

With the last of Erolon’s vary life force he shattered the ring into three parts and in this shattered his world. The northern land took a half of the ark to remember their betrayal and were banished to the far north to die in the cold. The other two lands both took a split of the ark to remember how Erolon shattered the ark for their trust in him.

Now… nearly ten centuries later you and your party are set to leave for adventurer too help your shattered world and quest for greatness.

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